Sunday, November 26, 2017

E-Lit 4 Kids Exhibit in Porto

At this past summer's conference of the Electronic Literature Organization in Porto, Portugal, we put together an exhibit of e-lit for kids to help spread the word about these amazing works.  The exhibit was curated by Astrid Ensslin, Maria Goicoechea, Lucas Ramada Prieto, and myself and featured some of the most amazing works of digital literature made for children.  But like all great children's literature, though marketed to children, these works appeal to all ages.

The exhibit featured a wide range of works, from picture book apps to interactive fiction.  I'll create separate posts to highlight some of these works.  Needless to say, these scholars are top authorities on electronic literature for children, and it was an honor to work with them.

This is also a good time to mention that the call is out for ELO 2018 in Montreal (Dec 15 deadline).  If you work in the area of digital fiction for children or young adults, consider submitting.

Lucas Ramada Prieto, Maria Goicoechea, a happy patron, me, and Manuel Portela at our exhibit

Jessica Pressman, Maria Goicoechea, Astrid Ensslin, and Lucas Ramada Prieto

Astrid, Maria, and Lucas


Here were the featured works, which make a nice reading list for you.
  • The Marino Family & María Goicoechea, Switcheroo/El cambiazo, 2015-17
  • Simogo, The Sailor's Dream, 2014
  • Patrick Smith / Vectorpark, Metamorphabet, 2015
  • José Alfonso Ochoa Aguilar, Árbol con patas, 2013
  • Inkle Studios, 80 Days, 2014
  • Kate Pullinger, Chris Joseph, Mez Breeze (The BradField Company / Dreaming Methods), Inanimate Alice Episode 6: The Last Gas Station, 2016
  • Brian Main, Lil' Red, 2013
  • Gabriel Smetzer, Flewn, 2016
  • David Wiesner, David Wiesner's Spot, 2015
  • Les inéditeurs, Boum!, 2015
  • Stella-Charles Fisher, Ten, 2017
  • Harriet Fisher, Snapchat elit, 2017
  • Wallace Edwards, Augmented beasts: AR pop-up book, 2017
  • Álvaro Andrade Garcia, Poemas de Brinquedo (Toy Poems), 2016

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